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Good News from The Home Office

Just a bit of good news on a Wednesday evening. This necklace is a Noonday Collection top seller. It is made in Ethiopia out of up-cycled artillery pieces by a very special group of artisans. Today the Noonday home office received some great news from the Ethiopian group:  “Thank you for your huge order.We are very glad […]

Easter Idea.

This is not my idea – you can find where I’m stealing it from here. There are many things in life that I want to be REALLY intentional about, like how we celebrate Jesus at Christmas and Easter. There’s just too many things distracting us from what’s really important. So, instead of an Easter basket […]

Parenting Pep Talks

When it comes to parenting, every now and then I feel like I need a little pep talk from Jimmy Dugan(Tom Hanks) in a League of Their Own. “ It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.“ Of course he was referring to […]

Noonday Collection Fall/Winter 2012 Sample Sale

It looks like we’re bracing for a huge storm to hit us, which reminds me that there is PLENTY of winter left – so snatch up these Noonday Samples from the Fall 2012 line. Here’s the rules – I will sell products on a first come/first serve basis. I prefer that you email me {[email protected]} […]

Advice to new moms.

Life with a newborn was certainly an adjustment. Instantaneously a new mother becomes the overseer of  hundreds of new crucial details.  You can’t even imagine how crucial some of the details are until experience shows you.  So you end up learning a lot. And forgetting a lot. And laughing and crying a lot. When Miss […]