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Noonday Give Away Winner!!

As promised … announcing the winner of my Noonday Give Away!!! I generated a random number:     And the winner is …..         The Original Ashleigh Sutter – my sister in law!!!   No nepotism here folks! The odds were in her favor!   Thanks Ash for spreading the word about […]

Monday/Fun Day/Give-Away-Day!

Oh dear, it’s Monday. Cheer up folks! You can enter the Noonday Give Away! Up for grabs is the (Noonday Collection best seller) Cubist Cuff! This eye catching bracelet comes in two colors – silver & gold. The winner of this giveaway gets to choose which color they’d like. So what will it be? Silver?? […]

Wake Up Colette….zzz

I have long been under the impression that babies were easily woken. As if the sanity of both parents and child were ever threatened by even the smallest auditory invasion. Colette… not so much. Once she falls asleep… it’s actually quite tough to wake her. Here is an edited version of her morning routine… (it actually takes her a […]

Day 3 with Colette – Mothers Day/Coming Home/House Tour

My twitter status read: “On mothers day normally I pick up a card… maybe flowers… today I’m picking up a mother and a new baby… I’ve really outdone myself this year.” It was a great day – we were discharged from Huntington Hospital and returned around noon just Church was letting out. Colette was amazing – it […]