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She Rides Painted Ponies, and Roars at Dinosaurs.

We love to go into what we call “the city”… and I think Colette is catching on. – Last Monday we took a trip to the city… mostly to see the Central Park Zoo… Colette assumed that every animal was a duck… that carousels were pretty normal and that Dinosaurs were to be run fearsomely at while making a loud “roaring” sound… in museums with great acoustics.

Event Recap-Columbus Day is for Scavenger Hunting

Our youth group kids are hilarious – a couple weeks ago we had (for Columbus day) a Video Scavenger Hunt around Huntington Village. It seemed like an appropriate way of honoring a famous explorer. I’m really thankful to the leaders, especially EmLam who made it all happen – but enjoy these – our kids are […]

Wake Up Colette….zzz

I have long been under the impression that babies were easily woken. As if the sanity of both parents and child were ever threatened by even the smallest auditory invasion. Colette… not so much. Once she falls asleep… it’s actually quite tough to wake her. Here is an edited version of her morning routine… (it actually takes her a […]

Easter Visitors

It’s true – among many other visitors Easter week we had two very big domestic turkeys sauntering through our front yard. Ashley was locked the door because being paralyzed by her fear of birds. Sam’s inclination to chase live food items made him run around trying to catch a turkey to eat. And Mikey always […]

Happy First Halfiversary

That’s right, we just celebrated 6 months of blissful married life Last week was pretty sweet – we had just returned from our youth group’s Avalanche retreat at Camp Spofford – (maybe more about this later ) – Since Sam planned Valentines day, Ashley planned a day in the city – actually the second day […]