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Facebook Worship

I’ve been getting into conversations with several parents in the past week about facebook. Here are some good reminders from my friends at the – I copied some of the bullet points, but the is worth reading: First, here are nine ways not to use Facebook : 1. Don’t use status updates to complain. 2. […]

Running Scared

Tonight at youth group we’re talking about fear. I found some good thoughts in  Ed Welch’s book, Running Scared. Fear is speaking and we should listen… There is a logic – a language – to fear and anxiety, just as there is to most emotions. Anger says “You are wrong.”  Embarrassment or shame says, “I […]

Peter Enns on Disagreement

Hit: Disagreement is what happens in scholarship. If disagreement were a barometer of truth, only those in power would ever be deemed correct. This criterion lends itself to selective application, which I find rooted in the cult of the personality. To appeal to well-known scholars who disagree (while ignoring those who don’t) is one of […]